In honor of President’s Day…

Hello all! We’re so excited to be making our real first post!!

In honor of President’s Day we wanted to honor the most fashionable first ladies. When we think of fashionable first ladies the obvious choice is Jackie Kennedy.

french minister of culture Andre Malraux with his wife Madeleine received at the White House in Washington by american vice-president Lyndon Johnson and americain president John Kennedy and his wife Jackie, may 11, 1962 (Jackie wearing dress by creator Du

According to a list on some of the most fashionable first ladies include Michelle Obama, Mamie Eisenhower, Nancy Reagan and many more but Jackie O tops the list. She revolutionized the fashion world for the professional women and had elegance and class.

Jackie Kennedy was so influential in the fashion world that even Vogue, the most influential fashion magazine in the world devoted an entire story and slideshow to her. Marie Claire magazine even named her an ultimate style icon.


She had a very clean cut style that us as college girls can still aspire to attain. How do you turn her timeless style into something a more modern college girl can wear? The best possible way to get that clean cut Jackie inspired style would be to choose clothes that fit properly that are classic but cutting edge. You can get clean cut clothes from stores like J. Crew, and


So next time you’re picking out an outfit and want some classic inspiration, think of Jackie Kennedy!

Comment to tell us what you think on our very first post! And send us any pictures of your own personal Jackie Kennedy inspired outfits for the chance to be featured on Couture Collegiate at the end of the month!


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