Spring Fashion Forecast

It’s finally March, which means spring is FINALLY creeping up on us! Here at JMU, we got about 8 inches of snow Wednesday night, giving us the past two days with no classes. Even though it may not feel like spring in Harrisonburg, it’s time to start planning what to wear once the temperature reaches above 50 degrees!


Hats are probably my favorite trend of the past year, and I predict they are going to be seen A LOT more this spring. Hats have the ability to transform a simple outfit into a fashion statement. My favorite kind of hat this season is the floppy “panama hat”. They’re perfect for a day out walking on the town or a day at the beach.

slim-169x300 me-227x300

Check out some of these adorable AND affordable panama hats:

Urban Outfitters Staring Stars Scout Panama Hat

Urban Outfitters Braided Trim Felt Panama Hat

Forever 21 Chained Wool Fedora


A kimono is a traditional Japanese garment that has recently become extremely popular in young women’s fashion. Just like hats, kimonos are great because they can spice up a simple outfit! Kimonos are great for spring because they come in so many fun patterns, and cover you up a little for the unpredictable spring weather.  Below are some of my favorite outfits incorporating kimonos. The red one on the left I found at Marshalls and the one on the right is from a boutique in Long Branch, NJ called Molly and Zoey.

10659178_10204756143893480_8543476790383081930_n IMG_6047

Here are some great kimonos to incorporate into your spring wardrobe!

Kimchi Blue Scarf-Print Kimono Jacket

Tobi Sweet Talker Kimono

LA Hearts Fringe Hem Kimono 

Hope this helps when shopping for your spring wardrobe! Happy Spring Break!


Couture Collegiate


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