New Fashion Blogs To Check Out!

Hey Couture Collegiate readers! We have been reading a lot of other fashion blogs lately for inspiration and we want to share some of our favorites with you! Reading several fashion blogs is a great way to see how creative people get with their own personal style and can spark ways for you to change yours! atyle The first blog we’ve read and love is Areta’s Style Secrets! I interned with Areta this summer at Karla Otto PR and she always looked so put together for work. Her fashion blog is full of classic trends that use great colors and patterns. She always accessorizes with such great purses and shoes! Check her blog out and her most recent post at 11077835_10205669098222545_783039612_n[1]

This post from highlights street style from Alessandra Ambrosio, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Rihanna. Demi from the University of Maryland presents the celebrity look and than an alternative look. Check out her post for some great outfit inspo! Read one of her posts here:
Another blog we’ve read is called The Budget Babe. Their tagline is “fab without a fortune”, which is very similar to our tagline “affordable fashion for the college fashionista”. The Budget Babe is a fashion blog for style-conscious women everywhere who are looking to stretch their wardrobe dollars.They also feature affordable beauty and decor on their website. Definitely worth checking out!
Definitely check these blogs out ASAP they’re great!
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