Your Formal Dress Style Guide

Hey Couture Collegiate readers!

As you know, it’s formal season and that means online shopping for the perfect dress for either your own formal or a fraternities! Spring is one of our favorite times because not only do we get to break out some fun clothing to wear out in the sun, but we can experiment with different kinds of dresses to wear to formal!

Here at JMU, most of the formals are a fancier version of a date function, and since we love Tobi at Couture Collegiate we thought we would go through their website and pick out some popular dress ideas for Formal 2K15!


This dress is originally $76 but is on sale for $53

This dress is originally $76 but is on sale for $53

The Erykah Dress, which is shown above is for the edgier girl and has metallic detailing on the front. But the back of the dress shows a surprise with the mostly open back. (You can buy backless bras at Target for $15 dollars if you choose to wear a dress like this.) The dress comes in black, pink and white. I love this dress in white because it makes the person wearing it tan and it has such a crisp look to it. If you want to wear something fun and different check out Tobi for the Erykah Dress or something edgy like it!



This two-toned dress was originally $58 and is now on sale for $40.

Two-toned dresses are so different and flirty! They make your dress unique because most people won’t go for this kind of dress. The Cut it Out Dress is not only two-toned, but it also have cut outs which without a doubt are one of the most popular fashions in formal dresses right now. This dress comes in several different color combinations but we think the light coral and lavender combo is so different and you will definitely stand outfox all the right reasons if you wear something like this!


This dress is $46.

This dress is $46.

The Make It Sweet Dress is just exactly that, sweet. This is the perfect dress for the girly girl attending a formal. It is the perfect length and comes in light pink and mint, which are both colors that would look great with some killer brown wedges. This dress is perfect for a spring formal!


This dress was originally $56 but now is only $39.

This dress was originally $56 but now is only $39.


The Drop Low Shift Dress comes in Mint, Cream, Navy and Pink. We think what better way to stand out formal than to wear a bright color! This dress is classic in the front and then has a drop back on it! We absolutely love this dress because it is versatile with accessories too!


Formals are starting so soon and we would love to see your dress ideas for the season! Don’t forget to check out Tobi and the Downtown Harrisonburg Boutiques for your dresses! Send your pictures to couture


Couture Collegiate


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