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We just wanted to give you some exciting news on a great deal for athletic-wear! So if you’re anything like us, you love to wear athletic-wear even when you’re not working out! It’s an easy way to look more put together while being extremely comfy.

Earlier this semester, I heard of this cool thing called Fabletics from one of my friends. I checked it out and you get a three piece athletic outfit, personalized for you for  $25! This includes a sports bra, a bottom and a top! All the outfits are based around your athletic preferences, whether that be anything from yoga to cardio. Plus, Kate Hudson is the celebrity rep and who wouldn’t want to look like her?

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 2.02.56 PM

This is an example of the cool shirts you can get! They have adorable cut outs and are wearable outside of fitness as well! If you don’t do this deal, you missing your chance at some great fitness wear. I am a LuluLemon lover and these leggings are just as great as theirs and they are very durable!

Check out what you can get at Fabletics at: http://www.fabletics.com


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Style Guide: What Do You Need For Foxfields?

Brace yourselves. Foxfields is this weekend!! Of course, this is a great bonding experience with friends and a day to have fun in the sun, but there is a very specific dress code that everyone follows. So we thought we would give you guys a check list of things to have to get to prepare this weekend.

1. Lilly Pulitzer Dress

Lilly Pulitzer's Christine Sundress $168

Lilly Pulitzer’s Christine Sundress $168

So, Foxfields would not be Foxfields unless everyone wore some bright sundresses. Typically girls go for Lilly Pulitzer dresses, like what is pictured above. However, this is sometimes not available for a girl on a budget. Recently, Target started to sell Lilly dresses for as cheap as $38, which is such a steal! But if you don’t have time to stop at Target or you nearest Lilly store any girly dress in bright colors that you already own will look great!

2. Floppy Hat

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 3.25.54 PM

Wearing a floppy hat is a major statement in your look for Foxfields and plus it keeps the sun off your shoulders! I got my hat from Walmart… I know I was shocked too but it was only $3 and it looks just as great as a $50 hat! There are so many colors and designs to choose from too, but the most popular are white and tan!

3. Comfortable Sandals

Most girls wear Jack Rogers to Foxfields, but here’s a secret… they’re so uncomfortable unless you’ve completely worn them in. Save yourself the blisters and bring some classic thong sandals in a neutral color that will be comfortable when you’re on your feet all day long!

4. Pearl Earrings

Pearl Earrings $6 on Etsy.com

Pearl Earrings $6 on Etsy.com

Wear some simple jewelry or some pearls! They will look so great with your sundress and you can find them cheap in so many places! These are being sold on Etsy for only $6.

5. Sunglasses

Forever 21 $5.80

Forever 21 $5.80

The last thing to make sure you have for this fun event is sunglasses!

Couture Collegiate hopes everyone that is attending Foxfields has a fun, fashionable and safe time! Don’t forget to send your pictures to us at couturecollegiate@gmail.com to be featured!


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Formal Wear

Spring semester: warmer weather, day drinks, and of course formals! It seems like almost every weekend consists of some kind of formal, whether it be for a fraternity, sorority, or an athletic team.  We’re here to show you how to dress your best (while on a budget) for your next formal!

Finding the perfect formal outfit on a budget can be quite the challenge, especially when you want to look fashion forward and chic. This year all three Couture Collegiate owners attended formals and were able to look stylish on a budget! Take a look at their outfits for some inspiration for what you can wear to your next formal, and for all you high schoolers out there, prom!


Juli Formal dress

Juli (pictured left): I got this dress at Mystique Boutique in Rockville Centre, NY. It’s a small boutique in my hometown that has the cutest clothes! They always have on-trend things in fun colors. I love this dress because it’s definitely something that was riskier than I would normally wear and I love the wine color. My dress was $45 and if you want to find some cute different clothes you should definitely check out their website.



Julia Formal dress

Julia (pictured left): I got my dress from ShowPo and it was $54. I love this dress because of all the different bright colors and the neck detail. I received many compliments on this dress because it’s unique-ShowPo is a great place to shop if you’re looking for something different that no one else will have!




Kimia (pictured right): I bought my crop top from Tobi for $32 dollars and got the skirt for $15 dollars at a boutique in Manhattan. I picked this outfit because I wanted to stand out and wear something unique. Not only was this outfit stylish but it was also very comfortable. I like how it was a two piece look because it was different from what most girls were wearing.


We hope this post gave you some budget-friendly ideas for formal wear. We love formals because they are perfect for showing off your personal style! Send us your formal looks to couturecollegiate@gmail.com for a chance to be featured in one of our upcoming posts!


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Stop What You Are Doing Because Coachella Happened


As you all must know, Coachella happened recently and we LOVE Coachella here at Couture Collegiate! A-list celebs from all over travelled to the music festival for a good time and some great fashion. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Beyonce. But Kendall Jenner seemed to replace Vanessa Hudgens (she did not attend) in Coachella fashion!


Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner

Kendall wore such cute outfits and we thought we would compile some of our favorite trends worn at Coachella and how you can incorporate them in your own wardrobe.

1. Crop Tops

Oh So Lacey Crop Top $39

Tobi’s Oh So Lacey Crop Top $39

Crop Tops like above are perfect for Coachella. Since it’s hot during the festival wearing a light top is okay. It’s also on trend for music festivals to show a little more skin and have some fun!

2. Cutoffs

Tobi's Sunset Denim Shorts $52

Tobi’s Sunset Denim Shorts $52

3. Pastel Colored Hair

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough

So many celebs have been dying their hair light hues of fun colors! It could be a fun thing to try out and it is on trend right now!

4. Cool Sunnies

Tobi's Jessica Sunglasses $20

Tobi’s Jessica Sunglasses $20

Top every outfit off with a cool pair of Sunglasses!

We hope you try out these new trends!


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Campus Trends: From the Runway to the Quad

As the weather gets warmer and warmer, spring trends are making their way on campus. Spring is my favorite season, not only because it’s getting nicer out but because of the light, comfy clothes you can wear. Here are some great trends that I’ve been seeing on campus:

1.) Fringe


Fringe is a great way to spice up your outfit. You could rock a backless fringe shirt with a pair of jeans, as seen above. Or you could tote your books around in a fringe backpack.


2.) High-top Sneakers

High-top Converse are starting to die out. A new trend I’ve been seeing on campus are High-top sport style sneakers, like these Nike ones:



These wedged-sneakers from Nike are comfy and chic- perfect for running from class to class!

3.) Fedora Hat

Great for keeping the sun out of your eyes if you’re not in the mood for sunglasses!


A black fedora is a timeless look to dress up (or dress down) any outfit. Perfect for channeling your inner Frank Sinatra! 😉

Do you have any spring trends you want to share with us? Send them to Couturecollegiate@gmail.com


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LF Trunk Show at JMU


Bummed about the lack of shopping in Harrisonburg? You’re in luck because this week LF Stores will be holding a trunk show in the Sigma Kappa house basement on Thursday, April 16th from 10AM-4PM! 10% of all proceeds will go to Sigma Kappa’s national philanthropy, the Alzheimer’s Association. If you haven’t heard of LF, you’ve been missing out! Geared towards girls who dare to be different, LF has become the must have destination for many fashionistas who crave upcoming trends on the fashion circuit. They have become well known for their innovative trends, variety and assortment, and their personalized styling sessions.Check out LF’s website to check out their locations, lookbooks, and blog.

Stay tuned for a post about the trunk show later in the week!


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Fashion Blogs to Check Out

Hey Couture Collegiate Readers! Here are some awesome fashion blogs we found that we want to share with you!

La Petite Fashionista

We are absolutely in love with this blog. FSU fashion student, Lauren Felix started this blog as a fun way to share her style. Today, her blog has grown and Lauren even has a quarterly digital publication, La Petite Fashionista Magazine. Wow! We are so obsessed with her style and her fashion advice. Here is a post Lauren did on festival fashion (similar to our “Madipalooza-> Coachella” post.


Be sure to check it out and give La Petite Fashionista some love!


We love The Budget Babe because they give cheaper alternatives to designer styles! Kate Hudson has recently come out with a unique and affordable workout wear line called Fabletics and it’s AWESOME! New Fabletics members can get a complete workout outfit of for only $25! Check out Kailan’s April Picks from Fabletics on The Budget Babe. Check them out!


…Love Maegan was started in 2007 as a blog where style blogger Maegan Tintari writes all about her life and fashion. She has such unique style and such a fun website to look to for style advice! Check out her most recent style post that has a mixture of stripes, color and texture. We just discovered this LA bloggers website and can’t wait to keep reading everything else will post!

Check out this style at: http://www.lovemaegan.com/2015/04/love-me-now-when-im-gone-love-me-none.html

Maegan Tintari

Maegan Tintari

Check these great fashion bloggers out and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


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Get Your Gladiators

The weather is getting hotter and that means that your riding boots have to take a trip to the back of your closet, and all your sandals get to come out for some much needed sun. However, sometimes wearing flip flops or plain thong sandals just aren’t enough to complete your look. If you are looking to make your style more edgy and fashion forward, you should invest in gladiator sandals!

ZiGi girl 'Jae' Sandal $98.95

ZiGi girl ‘Jae’ Sandal $98.95

These sandals are so edgy and cool and will instantly make you the coolest girl on campus! You can style them like all the celebrities that have been wearing them recently!


Kourtney Kardashian is always wearing different kinds of gladiator sandals and she wears each different pair in a unique and fun way!

Free People's 'Bellflower' Tall Gladiator Sandal $148.00

Free People’s ‘Bellflower’ Tall Gladiator Sandal $148.00

There are so many different styles of gladiator sandals that you can wear so go out and invest in a pair! These sandals have been showing up in fashion for the last few seasons and are just blowing up now, so get ahead of the trend!


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Madipalooza -> Coachella

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Festival season is finally here!!

This weekend is JMU’s annual music festival, Madipalooza. Every spring people gather on the Festival lawn for a day full of music, inflatables, and relaxing in the sun. Girls rock their trendiest and most fashion-forward outfits. Palazzo pants, flower headbands, and crop tops are staples for the event!

Also this weekend (and through April 20) is Coachella in Indio, California. Celebrities, socialites, and people just like us all make the trip to the festival to see their favorite singers and DJs.

Second, after an amazing lineup year after year, Coachella is known for its fashion scene. Bohemian, hippie, and free-spirited seem to be the themes for the attendees. Feathers, beads, and tribal patterns are incorporated in outfits to achieve the ultimate Coachella look.

The only way to make this post fair is to focus on one, and only one celebrity- An actress who is known as the “Queen of Coachella”: Vanessa Hudgens. Coachella attracts herds of stylish and fashion forward celebrities but no one does it quite like Vanessa.

When we think of Coachella we think of Vanessa Hudgens. All of her looks appear so effortless yet stylish at the same time. She is able to take a bunch of pieces that seem like they wouldn’t work well together, and make a beautiful, harmonized look.

By now you’re probably wondering how you can channel your inner Vanessa Hudgens to Madipalooza or to a music festival this summer…Good news because Couture Collegiate has got you covered! Check out these websites for some great items, whether you’ll be attending Madipalooza or Bonnaroo!

Sabo skirt: http://saboskirt.com/

THE CULTLABEL: http://www.thecultlabel.com/

 Miss Holly: http://www.missholly.com.au/tops/

Happy Shopping!


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Harrisonburg’s The Yellow Button Boutique Changes Location


The Yellow Button Moves to New Location

Popular fashion boutique for students moves to newer and bigger location

HARRISONBURG, VA (April 8, 2015) In March 2015, women’s fashion boutique, The Yellow Button, has recently moved to a new location at 217 South Liberty Street Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801, in the Ice House Building. The new location is larger (1,700 square feet) than the old one, which was located on South Main Street. There is also a second location in Charlottesville, Virginia. Owner of the boutique, Miranda Ebersold noted that “this one is more cohesive with the Charottesville location.”


Miranda Ebersold: Owner of The Yellow Button

  • The Yellow Button re-opening
  •  217 South Liberty Street, Suite 104 A, Harrisonburg, VA 22801
  •  Beginning of March 2015
  • Owner of The Yellow Button: Miranda Ebersold
  • New location, in addition to Charlottesville, VA location
  • Popular boutique for James Madison University students
  • Carries clothing, accessories, and shoes
  • Owner, Miranda Ebersold says that the new location is, “…more industrial, has exposed walls, and concrete floors.”
  • “I love to shop here, it’s a hidden treasure in downtown Harrisonburg, the new location is amazing.” – Kimia (Couture Collegiate)
  • “The Yellow Button is my go-to boutique while I’m at school!” -Juli (Couture Collegiate)
  • “The Yellow Button carries my favorite brands such as Free People and Bella Dahl.” -Julia (Couture Collegiate)

11130759_10205809750498764_681483898_o copy

There is plenty of parking available at this new location when compared to the limited parking for the South Main location. Ebersold says,”pretty much it is the same as old, but there are a few spots on Bruce Street and Liberty Street. Also there is a municipal lot and the Waterstreet Parking Deck.”

11144767_10205809755858898_1140545351_o copy

The Yellow Button carries several different high end designer brands including, Free People, Bella Dahl, French Connection, BCBG and Frye. Ebersold was excited to state that, “we just started carrying Birkenstocks.”

11091095_10205809755018877_920441971_o copy

11072879_10205809754658868_102510266_o copy

The Yellow Button is open Monday-Saturday from 11am-6pm and Sundays from 11:30am-4:30pm. For more information:

Telephone: 540-801-8110

Email: theyellowbutton@gmail.com

Website: http://www.shoptheyellowbutton.com/


For further information:

Kimia Favageh, Juli Cavanaugh, Julia Warnock (Couture Collegiate)