France’s Thin Model Ban

According to People Style Watch, many big fashion cities around the world have implemented bans on underweight models. France is the first country to take this ban seriously by passing a bill that says models must present medical proof from a doctor that their BMI is over 18. Breaking this law could result in six months of jail time or a $82,000 fine.


This chart compares BMIs and gives a visual for what each BMI looks like. According to this chart, a BMI under 20 is considered underweight. So, a BMI of 18 is still technically considered underweight. Even though France’s new law is not exactly promoting models to be of healthy weight, we think it’s great that France’s Parliament is moving towards having healthier models. Here at Couture Collegiate, we think that every country needs to adopt these healthier measures. Be sure to check out People Style Watch’s articleย on France’s thin model ban.


Couture Collegiate



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