Madipalooza -> Coachella

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Festival season is finally here!!

This weekend is JMU’s annual music festival, Madipalooza. Every spring people gather on the Festival lawn for a day full of music, inflatables, and relaxing in the sun. Girls rock their trendiest and most fashion-forward outfits. Palazzo pants, flower headbands, and crop tops are staples for the event!

Also this weekend (and through April 20) is Coachella in Indio, California. Celebrities, socialites, and people just like us all make the trip to the festival to see their favorite singers and DJs.

Second, after an amazing lineup year after year, Coachella is known for its fashion scene. Bohemian, hippie, and free-spirited seem to be the themes for the attendees. Feathers, beads, and tribal patterns are incorporated in outfits to achieve the ultimate Coachella look.

The only way to make this post fair is to focus on one, and only one celebrity- An actress who is known as the “Queen of Coachella”: Vanessa Hudgens. Coachella attracts herds of stylish and fashion forward celebrities but no one does it quite like Vanessa.

When we think of Coachella we think of Vanessa Hudgens. All of her looks appear so effortless yet stylish at the same time. She is able to take a bunch of pieces that seem like they wouldn’t work well together, and make a beautiful, harmonized look.

By now you’re probably wondering how you can channel your inner Vanessa Hudgens to Madipalooza or to a music festival this summer…Good news because Couture Collegiate has got you covered! Check out these websites for some great items, whether you’ll be attending Madipalooza or Bonnaroo!

Sabo skirt:


 Miss Holly:

Happy Shopping!


Couture Collegiate


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