Formal Wear

Spring semester: warmer weather, day drinks, and of course formals! It seems like almost every weekend consists of some kind of formal, whether it be for a fraternity, sorority, or an athletic team.  We’re here to show you how to dress your best (while on a budget) for your next formal!

Finding the perfect formal outfit on a budget can be quite the challenge, especially when you want to look fashion forward and chic. This year all three Couture Collegiate owners attended formals and were able to look stylish on a budget! Take a look at their outfits for some inspiration for what you can wear to your next formal, and for all you high schoolers out there, prom!


Juli Formal dress

Juli (pictured left): I got this dress at Mystique Boutique in Rockville Centre, NY. It’s a small boutique in my hometown that has the cutest clothes! They always have on-trend things in fun colors. I love this dress because it’s definitely something that was riskier than I would normally wear and I love the wine color. My dress was $45 and if you want to find some cute different clothes you should definitely check out their website.


Julia Formal dress

Julia (pictured left): I got my dress from ShowPo and it was $54. I love this dress because of all the different bright colors and the neck detail. I received many compliments on this dress because it’s unique-ShowPo is a great place to shop if you’re looking for something different that no one else will have!



Kimia (pictured right): I bought my crop top from Tobi for $32 dollars and got the skirt for $15 dollars at a boutique in Manhattan. I picked this outfit because I wanted to stand out and wear something unique. Not only was this outfit stylish but it was also very comfortable. I like how it was a two piece look because it was different from what most girls were wearing.

We hope this post gave you some budget-friendly ideas for formal wear. We love formals because they are perfect for showing off your personal style! Send us your formal looks to for a chance to be featured in one of our upcoming posts!


Couture Collegiate


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