Hey Couture Collegiate readers!

We just wanted to give you some exciting news on a great deal for athletic-wear! So if you’re anything like us, you love to wear athletic-wear even when you’re not working out! It’s an easy way to look more put together while being extremely comfy.

Earlier this semester, I heard of this cool thing called Fabletics from one of my friends. I checked it out and you get a three piece athletic outfit, personalized for you for Β $25! This includes a sports bra, a bottom and a top! All the outfits are based around your athletic preferences, whether that be anything from yoga to cardio. Plus, Kate Hudson is the celebrity rep and who wouldn’t want to look like her?

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 2.02.56 PM

This is an example of the cool shirts you can get! They have adorable cut outs and are wearable outside of fitness as well! If you don’t do this deal, you missing your chance at some great fitness wear. I am a LuluLemon lover and these leggings are just as great as theirs and they are very durable!

Check out what you can get at Fabletics at:Β http://www.fabletics.com


Couture Collegiate


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